The Walkerville Society Inc. represents the views of Walkerville Residents and follows the decisions of the Walkerville Council and developments within our local community.

About Us

The Walkerville Society Inc. was established in 1980 to represent the views of the residents of Walkerville.

Currently, the committee:

  1. Reviews the minutes of the Walkerville Council and circulates to our members, and others who are interested, by way of email, noteworthy items of interest extracted from the Council’s minutes, which we believe would be of interest to them.
  2. Provides a means of educating our residents through information meetings/seminars on matters of importance to our community.
  3. Makes representations on behalf of our members to the Walkerville Council where:-
    • Members have requested that such occur, and
    • The Society is invited to do so by the Walkerville Council

The Committee over the past few years has made representations to Walkerville Council on:-

  1. Walkerville Terrace Landscaping
  2. Ward Boundary Adjustments
  3. Annual Business Plan
  4. Budget Submission
  5. Walkerville Terrace Community Development
  6. Walkerville Oval, Bowling Club & Surrounding areas


Office Bearers
President: Robert Dow
Treasurer: Tony Pederick OAM
Secretary: Rosemary Craddock

Committee Members
Lyn Dow
John Fitzpatrick
Cameron Dow
Melodie Dow
Stephen Furlan
Marilyn Pederick

Mr J. Hain and Dr J. Linn OAM retired as committee members at the AGM and we thank them both for their community service.

News & Media

Adelaide City Council’s Position on Heritage Reform

Council seeks a single integrated system for the identification of heritage places to provide a platform for effective reform, enable consistency of approach, and provide administrative efficiencies and effectiveness via streamlined processes. Such an approach will realise the full economic, tourism, cultural, community and sustainability value of our built heritage. Our position details how this can be achieved by making specific changes to existing tools and legislation. Council has recently demonstrated its commitment to engagement with key stakeholders by hosting forums, sharing information, and conducting discussions with stakeholders within the City and across South Australia. Accordingly, we have shared our position with Minister Rau and Minister Hunter, all South Australian Members of Parliament, Mayors, and the President of the Local Government Association.

Adelaide City Council’s Position on Heritage Reform

Movement Management Plan

By way of this document, please find areas for consideration as part of the Consultation process for the Town of Walkerville Movement Plan on behalf of the Walkerville Society.

Movement Management Plan Submission

Civic Works – Road Program

Proposed Budgets Document

Walkerville Society AGM 2016

The Walkerville Society Inc AGM will be held on Tuesday October 18th at NEST Cafe on Walkerville Terrace, Walkerville at 7pm (followed by dinner).

More information

Commemorative Ceremony

On Saturday, 16th of April 2016, a commemorative ceremony was held in the Town of Walkerville for the unvailing of a park bench in honour of the late David Higbed.

Forum – April 13th 2016

The Walkerville Society Inc  supported by The Walkerville Council is presenting a public information session on preparedness for emergency situations and disaster recovery.

The forum will be held at the Walkerville Town Hall on Wednesday 13 April 2016 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

The Mayor of Walkerville, Ray Griggs will provide the Council position.

Australian Red Cross will be represented by guest speaker Emina Allegretti.

State Emergency Services will be represented by guest speakers Jo Brooks and Fern Raintree.

Following the speeches there will be a panel session providing opportunity for the audience to interact with the speakers.

Bring a family member or friend.

Extract from issue 15 “About Town”

Publication produced by Corporation of Town of Walkerville stating current position of Town Centre Development Amendment following submissions presented to elected members in September 2015.

Read Article

Community Grant Fund Applications

The Walkerville Society Inc applied for 2 separate grants through the 2015 community grant application process.

The Society was successful in both instances.

In the first round of funding  we sought finance for a heritage ballarat seat with inscription plaque in honour of the late Cr David Higbed and his contribution to the Walkerville Council community generally.

Cr Higbed’s daughter Rebecca Goode in conjunction with the Council has agreed a suitable site for the installation of the seat. A small ceremony will be held on completion of the installation process.

We shall advise the Society membership when that will occur.


In the second round of funding the Society sought funding for 2 bench seats and installation of same.

We had considered there was a lack of seating in the Council area particularly for young mothers with prams and the elderly.

We will be working closely with Council on suitable sites for the seating.

We will advise further when the seats have been installed.

Letters to Council

Annual Business Plan 2014-2015

The following is a copy of the letter sent on the 27th of May 2014 by the Walkerville Society’s President, Robert Dow, on behalf of the Walkerville Society, to the Walkerville Council.

Dear Sir,

Submission re Annual Business Plan 2014-2015

We hereby make the following submission re the Annual Business Plan 2014-2015:

  1. We were disappointed that the Public Consultation Meeting had not been widely circulated to all Residents of the Town. This matter has to be addressed for all future public meetings and avenues such as enclosing a notice with the distribution of quarterly rate notices should be considered. Just putting a notice in the Messenger and on the Website is not acceptable. The Residents of the Town of Walkerville want a robust debate on what is happening in the Town in so far as facilities and services are concerned.
  2. The Society is appalled that the Council is considering adopting a rate increase of 7%, which is one of the highest increases in metropolitan Adelaide, which now equates to an increase of 83.6% since 2005/2006 compared to CPI increase for the same period of 24.7%. We understand the effects of the State pushing down expenses to Local Government, but the huge difference between the two figures are not acceptable.
  3. One of the reasons given for this year’s increase was to fund the debt burden of the Town following the finalisation of the Town Hall Project, which we were advised four years ago would not be a burden on the Town.
  4. Consideration in final discussions re the Business Plan 2014-2015 must be given to reducing costs of operations, in particular employee costs which have risen 88% since the 2005/2006 financial year. We must run more lean and efficient as businesses have had to in order to survive.
  5. Deferral of non essential works.
  6. Working to achieve a break even situation as deficits we are currently are not sustainable.

Council in the main use to have a good relationship and reputation of working with its community. This is not the case today. We urge you to reconsider our comments and those made by other Residents at the Public Consultation meeting to stop the slide to amalgamation, which will be the inevitable result of inaction by the Council.

Yours Sincerely, The Walkerville Society Inc.

Robert Dow President

Lease and Licence Policy for Community Land and Buildings

The following is a copy of the letter sent on the 23rd of July 2014 by Walkerville Society Member, Anthony Pederick OAM, to the Walkerville Council.

Dear Ms Magro,

Re: Lease & Licence Policy for Community Land & Buildings – Town of Walkerville

I refer to the Council’s draft lease & licence policy for community land and buildings and your invitation to make a submission.

I consider this proposed delegation SHOULD NOT BE GRANTED to the Chief Executive Officer. Council should not be abrogating this responsibility. It is after all a small Council area.

To ensure that negotiations relating to leases and licences are fully transparent, I would recommend a subcommittee of Council be appointed with the CEO (or his/her proxy) as a member to consider all aspects of the negotiations. Any recommendations arising from same to go to Council. In this way there would be more transparency, accountability and more public confidence in the outcomes.

Yours Sincerely,

Anthony M Pederick OAM

Walkerville Oval Precinct Master Plan

The following is a copy of the letter sent on the 27th of May 2014 by the Walkerville Society’s President, Robert Dow, on behalf of the Walkerville Society, to the Walkerville Council.

Dear Sir,

Walkerville Society Submission on the Walkerville Oval Precinct Master Plan

The objective and detached response to the Walkerville Oval Precinct Master Plan is to question why the Walkerville Town Council is persisting with putting attractive and established features of Walkerville under threat of replacement with costly alternatives. To observe that the Oval Precinct Master Plan is under consideration when this very small council has a very large debt makes this proposal a folly. One may question from where the genesis of this plan came; was it the executive or the elected Council? It certainly shows little empathy or understanding of the inherent qualities of living in Walkerville. Specific Concerns for the Oval Precinct Master Plan:

  1. Lack of Financial Responsibility
    The cost of the project knowing the current debt of the Town and noting that Council proposes to increase current Council rates by seven percent, the highest figure of any metropolitan council of Adelaide; spending money on a new sporting infrastructure when they have only upgraded the existing structure just over 10 years ago; Intention for this to be a commercial venture;
  2. Reducing the Quality of Living in Walkerville
    Possible changes of Memorial Gardens; Moving the location of the Bowling Club to the corner of Warwick Street and Church Terrace and replacing lawn with a synthetic surface; Placing Car Parking on the Oval Precinct on Church Terrace; Possibility of making Warwick Street a one way street.
  3. Threatening to Destroy an Excellent and Established Walkerville Institution
    Possible future building of a Recreation Centre on the corner of Smith Street and Church Terrace to replace the YMCA; the proposed facility would not be able to replicate the existing facilities of the YMCA, which has been on the existing site for over 50 years, serving over 1,200 persons per week and is self-supporting. The Plan states that the new centre would be tendered out with no certainty the YMCA would be successful.

Yours Sincerely,

Robert Dow

Concerns Over the Walkerville Council's Annual Business Plan and Budget Process

The following letter was sent to the Walkerville Council by resident Graham Webster.

Concerns over the Walkerville Council’s Annual Business Plan and Budget Process

1. Excessive rate increase?

There is a strong case for the Walkerville Council to review the recent calculations in rate income under their 2014/15 Annual Business Plan and Budget and whether in fact their rate income will significantly exceed the figure of $7,110,000 as anticipated in the Financial Statements.

The Draft Annual Business Plan 2014/15 was released for consultation with a key message that they wanted an increase in income of 7% to meet the proposed expenditure which would produce an operating deficit of $1.310m. This 7% increase was based on lifting rates by 5.3% plus 1.7% growth. The figure of 7% was linked to their Long Term Financial Plan (draft Annual Business plan p12) showing the need to continually increase income by 7% p.a until 2017/18.  (7% compounding over 5 years equals a 40% increase!).

Through the consultation period the Council received significant feedback causing a Councillor to state at the formal consultation meeting that they had just been informed that the figures will be better due to income from the new Watson Development that hadn’t been taken into account.

The Council then reconsidered the matter of rates and assured ratepayers that “the average residential rate increase would not exceed 4.15% and that  66% of ratepayers would only pay an average rate increase of 2.5%”. 

Yet the Adopted Annual Business still displayed the same total income and total expenditure figures that appeared in the draft document.

This raises the following questions;

Doesn’t that mean that approximately one third of ratepayers would contribute some 7-8%? Or is growth going to be far greater than 1.7% as stated in the draft Plan? The Annual Business Plan fails to explain this. Page 21 of the adopted plan states that capital values have increased by an average of 4.2%. Noting the new Differential Rates in the $ declared on page 22 this may mean that residential rate income will in fact be far greater than stated.

Growth? The new Watson Development.? The adopted Annual Business Plan states: “The impact of received and projected rate revenue from The Watson development has been a contributing factor in ensuring the average residential rate does not exceed 4.15% in 2014/15”.

In either case the community will have been overcharged.

2. Lack of detail on Infrastructure maintenance.

This Council has fallen short of other Councils in publishing their Asset and Infrastructure Plan highlighting when specific roads, footpaths, park assets and stormwater will need to be ‘renewed or replaced’.

At considerable cost to the community, significant work on Council’s roads and stormwater was carried out by a consultant in 2011 which should be incorporated in each year’s Annual Business Plan. There is no available link to this work on the web site.

3. Lack of explanation – Differential rating that impacts on businesses.

The business rate (non residential) is 55% higher than the residential rate. Section 151 of the Local Government Act requires Councils to consider issues of equity within the community. There is no mention in the Annual Business Plan as to why the business community carries this additional burden. In fact nowhere in this plan is there any recognition of our business community and the important part it plays in supporting our community.

4. A generally poorly considered and presented Annual Business Plan.

This plan was poorly drafted and presented when compared to our neighbouring Councils – Norwood, Payneham, St Peters and the City of Prospect, Both provide a far greater level of information for their community to be better informed.

There should be a link to the Asset and Infrastructure Plan (? where can this be found?) and to the Long Term Financial Plan to provide more information on the maintenance, renewal and replacement  of assets and infrastructure.

There should be greater information as to the number of staff and the service provided by staff (and contractors).

There should be greater detail as to why the Asset Sustainability Ratio has fallen below industry standards.

There should be a better explanation as to why Council continues to spend more than it recovers in income each year and why their operating ratio falls well short of industry standards.

There should be a more friendly and welcome consultation meeting than the last one held at Council on this Annual Business Plan and Budget.

Graham Webster


Letters from Council

Re: Annual Business Plan 2014-2015

The following is a copy of the letter dated the 25th of June 2014 from the General Manager of the Walkerville Council, Katrina Marton.

Dear Mr Dow,

Thank you for your recent feedback on the 2014/15 Draft Annual Business Plan and Budget.

All submissions received were collated and presented to Council at its meeting on Monday 16 June 2014. The minutes of the meeting are now available on Councils website.

At the meeting the Draft Annual Business Plan and Budget report was deferred.

Council determined that it would hold a Special Council meeting on 8 July 2014 at 7pm. The purpose of this meeting will be for Council to receive further information from Administration for their consideration in determining the final Annual Business Plan & Budget for 2014/15 at the Ordinary Council meeting on 21 July 2014.

If you have any questions please contact Administration on 8342 7100.

Yours Sincerely, Katrina Marton General Manager

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